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Ask Our Expert – Breast Augmentation

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Ask The Expert:

Q: I wear a size 34 A bra. My breast size or lack of is something that affects me daily. I have difficulty wearing a variety of clothing styles and am self-conscious in a swim suit. At 29 years old, I do not want to continue fighting these issues. However, my friends are not supportive of my decision. How can I make them more comfortable with my decision?

A: Breasts are an important factor in how women feel about themselves. For many women, breasts are directly related to their sense of femininity. Having breasts that in some way make you feel less than adequate can change the way you relate both emotionally and intimately. This characteristic is quite normal to human nature and is not a sign of over-indulged vanity (though, I believe a little vanity is a positive thing). Though having the support of your friends is extremely valuable, choosing to have breast augmentation is a very personal decision and one only you and your cosmetic surgeon can make together. After all, it is your body. You are the one who deals with the daily frustrations that your breast size is creating.

There are implant shape and size options to fit the desire of almost any women. You can choose breast implants that resemble the look you achieve when you wear a push up bra (high set, perky, round) or you can choose implants that look and feel so natural that it will be difficult for others to even notice that you have them. For women considering breast augmentation in Dr. Castillo’s surgical facility, in Champaign, Illinois,  Dr. Castillo uses a specialized minimal scar incision technique that makes it difficult to detect the scarring after a few months.

I would suggest making a consultation with a few cosmetic plastic surgeons. Once you have found one that you feel comfortable with, I believe you will be able to make the decision that is right for YOU.  I would also recommend checking out a few of other blog posts on breast augmentation, including What to expect during your consultation  Preparing for your Breast Augmentation.  and The Top 10 Reasons Women Elect To Get Breast Implants

Roxanne Grace
Skincare and Laser Specialist
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Losing the fight against gravity?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

So your breasts have lost the fight against gravity and now you are left wondering “why full, perky breasts seems to be a privilege of youth.”

What now…?

Developing breast ptosis or sagging breasts is life changing. Women who are afflicted with this condition frequently experience difficulties with emotional and / or sexual intimacy as their self-esteem takes a hit. It can become difficult to expose your body to a partner. Looking proportionate in a swim suit or other clothing can become very challenging and is likely to inhibit activities. Often women become discouraged with the shape of their body as they often feel as though their waist is disappearing as the breasts lengthen, creating the appearance of a thicker mid section.

Women can develop dropping or sagging breasts for many reasons. Drooping and breast deflation can occur after pregnancy or breast feeding, after weight loss, or years of baking their breasts in the sun until they are well done. The upper portions of the breasts appear flattened and the lower portion descends below the fold of the breast. Many times breast skin loses elasticity and becomes stretched or weakened. Your self-esteem may be affected further if any or all of the above symptoms occur in an unbalanced fashion, creating asymmetry of the breasts as well.

Experiencing a change in self-esteem is a normal reaction to this body change as women’s femininity is often directly related to how she feels about the size and shape of her breasts. Unfortunately, just because the condition is a common one, doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it happens to you. Fortunately, more women are willing to talk about this age old problem and are discovering that there are solutions available that will improve their outlook on life.

Now let’s talk solutions!

1. In some instances, a saline or silicone breast augmentation will be all that is needed to correct your breast concerns. Breast implants can replace or increase breast volume or fullness and will improve your cleavage. Excess skin from around the areola may be removed at this time if needed.

2. If your nipples are positioned lower than the fold of your breasts and / or your breasts are asymmetrical, meaning one breast is larger / dropping more than the other; a Mastopexy (breast lift) is likely the solution to correct your dropping breasts. Because the degree of ptosis (sagging) varies, a Mastopexy includes a range of possibilities for correction based on the position of the nipple-areolar complex, the amount of excess skin and the volume of the breast. During this procedure, your nipple-areolar complex is relocated to a higher position on the breast. Dr. Castillo may also to remove excess skin to reshape and support the breast using a keyhole shaped incision to lift the breast back to a more youthful shape and position.

3. If you are looking for a solution to repair sagging and to achieve equally balanced breasts with increased fullness, you may need a combination of procedures. Breast augmentation in our Champaign, Illinois surgical facility may be combine with a Mastopexy (breast lift) to reach your goal of full, perky breasts.

Visit our photo gallery to view real results for : Breast Lift  Breast Augmentation and Breast Asymmetry


Roxanne Grace
Skincare and Laser Specialist
G. D. Castillo, M.D.


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Dr. Castillo’s VIP Program Offers Multiple Benefits To His Patients

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Most of us have been there – you make a purchase decision based upon a rebate offer, diligently provide the required information and send in the appropriate forms in a timely fashion, and then, 8 long weeks later, you receive the dreaded form letter disallowing your submission. This happens to consumers so often, in every industry, that it’s almost become a cliché.

I haven’t been able to figure out a rhyme or reason for inappropriate rebate rejections; it truly seems to be random. This theory was tested last year when I updated three of our family cell phones and submitted the same rebate offer for all three of them.

After studiously scanning the rebate instructions including the fine print, I made a point of requesting individual receipts so as to have the coveted “original receipt” to attach with each offer. I photocopied each rebate submission with pertinent attachments and then mailed the rebates in individual envelopes and the waiting process began.

Eight weeks later – you guessed it; two of the rebates were honored with no problem and one of them was rejected because “I” had supposedly failed somewhere in the rebate process. In the end, I did receive the third rebate but only after investing time and energy in the mystery rejection to get the job done.

My personal theory had been proven – the rebate wheel of fortune can be exactly that…a game of chance.

That’s just one of the many reasons I’m so happy that Dr. Castillo created the VIP program to reward patient loyalty at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. No forms to fill out, no fear of rejected submissions or the need to wait 8 weeks to be compensated – just a generous, dependable, instantaneous monetary reward in appreciation of the trust that our patients continually place in Dr. Castillo and our practice.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that our patients don’t also benefit from the various rebate programs sometimes offered by a product manufacturer – but it does mean that our patients can depend on cost-effective, affordable treatments that help us all to look and feel our best. While we have no control over the rebates offered by someone else, we do our very best to offer our patients every monetary consideration.

We truly appreciate our patients and the confidence that they place in us. So, if you’re not a member of Dr. Castillo’s VIP Program, why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to

discuss the program details, its benefits, and how you can qualify.

Roena Hensler, Office Corrdinator

G. D. Castillo, MD, FACS