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Q: Why does Dr. Castillo still recommend liposculpture over newer treatments like Smart Lipo?

A: At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Castillo investigated newer fat reduction treatments such as Smart Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo and others you may have read about.  The simple truth is that we want the very best outcome for our patients.  We have chosen to stay with traditional tumescent liposculpture because it’s the only one that can be used for contouring in 3600, also known as tri-dimensional body sculpting.  Traditional liposculpture offers consistent, predictable, superior results.  Today there is simply no substitute for tumescent liposculpture for accurate results, speedy recovery, lack complications, and it is affordable.

Sometimes newer trends are not as effective. They are just well marketed.  At this time, the newer fat reduction procedures DO NOT offer ANY advantages to our patients.  They only decrease safety and increase cost, two things we are not willing to compromise on just to keep up with the latest marketing fad.

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