FDA Recommendation for Silicone Breast Implants (Not Saline Implants)

If you have breast implants or are interested in breast implants, you may have read that the FDA has decided to keep silicone breast implants on the market.  The FDA has recommended that an MRI study (a form of x-ray) should be done every four years after post implant placement to assess the integrity of the implant.

What the public needs to know is the following:

  1. This news does not concern  anyone with saline breast implants.  It is only applicable to silicone breast implants.
  2. If you have silicone breast implants, and you find yourself in a position where there is a questionable break of the implant, you should always let your physician make the decision as to what should be done about it.  In most instances, a number of physicians would recommend to do absolutely nothing, even if the shell of the implant has failed, because your body has already made a capsule which contains it inside without letting it go anyplace.  Silicone in breast implants is not in liquid form; it is in a paste or gel-type form

In our practice, most of our breast augmentations are saline breast implants.  In those cases in which patients have silicone breast implants, we take a conservative view and if the implant has failed, that is the shell has been disrupted. We evaluate the patient on a case by case basis and in most instances do absolutely nothing other than observe the patient from time to time.  I feel it is unnecessary to remove the implant as long as the capsule that the patient has formed remains intact.

As always, we recommend saline breast implants as the very best solution for breast augmentation, and only in selected cases will silicone breast implants be recommended.

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