Ask Our Expert: Ways To Actually Gain Confidence With Male Gynecomastia


Does Dr. Castillo offer a procedure for males with large breasts?

Dr. Castillo:  Correcting large male breasts is one of the most life changing cosmetic surgeries for men. For some men, having large breasts significantly affects the way they see themselves, resulting in a depletion of self-esteem. It changes the way they relates physically and emotional to others.  It changes how they play with their children and respond to affection from their wife or partner.  It reduces their level of activity and willingness to be social.

BEFORE Male Breast Reduction

Does this happen to a lot of men?

Dr. Castillo: Yes, much more often than one would think. The over-development of male breast tissue, known as Gynecomastia is  a relatively common condition and can occur at any age.  It can be related to genetics, hormonal changes, rapid weight gain or the use of certain drugs. It is easy to correct with breast liposuction or the surgical removal of undesired breast tissue through a small incision or a combination of both methods.

AFTER Male Breast Reduction Surgery by Dr. G.D. Castillo

When can they return to work?

Dr. Castillo:  Light work duties can typically be resumed with in three to four days after male breast reduction surgery, while heavier activities can usually be resumed after the first week.

What are the age limits for male breast reduction?

We perform breast reduction by liposuction as early as age 14.  If a young male (age 14 and up) has had an endocrinology study completed that indicates the need for surgical tissue removal then in those instances surgical breast reduction would be performed.

What makes you qualified to perform these procedures:

Dr. Castillo:  I am Triple-Board Certified and have been performing cosmetic surgery including male breast reduction for more than 3o years. I am the Past-President of The American Society of Liposuction Surgery and The Past-President of The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.


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  1. Jill D. says:

    This is a sensitive subject for men with gynecomastia. With this condition revealed through blog posts and other internet platforms, hopefully more men will realize it is a semi-common occurrence and seek treatment.

  2. nse media says:

    I’ve been coming across a lot of blog posts and articles on Gynecomastia and male breast reduction. I’d be interested to see some new stats on how may men are seeking correction in the last year.

  3. Illinois Plastic Surgeon, G. D. Castillo, MD, has been performing this popular procedure for many years. Our male breast reduction page contains additional information on male gynecomastia. ~ Roena

  4. This is a sensitive subject for men with unusual situation. With this situation unconcealed through web log posts and different web platforms, hopefully a lot of men can comprehend it may be a semi-common prevalence and ask for treatment.

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