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New Beginnings…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

As we immerse ourselves in this holiday season and prepare ourselves for a new year, I can’t think of a better time to reflect upon the year past and say thank you so very much to our patients.  In the last 14 years that I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Castillo at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, I’ve learned so much and have had the opportunity to see so many new beginnings.  It’s such an honor to be involved in a positive change in someone’s life.

I’ve heard it said that only celebrities or the very wealthy invest in a cosmetic procedure.  In fact, our community of patients is mainly comprised of everyday people, like you and me, who desire a change.  This change may be subtle but still very necessary for themselves, and will positively impact the everyday quality of life that we all desire and deserve.

A cosmetic procedure or treatment is a very private matter, and I make it a point to respect our patient’s privacy, both inside and outside of our offices.  So I’d like to utilize this venue to once again, thank all of you for the trust you’ve shown in Dr. Castillo and our team at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

I wish you all the season’s best and a happy New Year!

G. D. Castillo, M.D.
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Rewards Program and Uncompromised Confidentiality

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Did you know that a major portion of our new business is generated from returning patients and existing patient referrals?  This is, by far, the best compliment we can receive – that someone has enough faith in Dr. Castillo and the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery team to not only return to us, but also to entrust their own family and friends to our care.   This level of patient dedication obviously deserves a reward program but the very nature of our practice requires the utmost confidentiality — so how do we reward patient loyalty with an deserved thank you, without compromising what is, for many, the most private of all medical decisions?  It’s our V.I.P.  Platinum Card!  We do offer special promotions that are available to everyone, but our V.I.P. members have their very own exclusive promotions in addition to their regular card benefits.


For the month of December, our V.I.P. members may call in to be entered into a special drawing for a Glo Mineral make-up kit featuring gloBronze sunkiss face and body powder, gloShimmer kiss face and body powder, gloCream blush-guava, gloBlush-sweet and rosebud, gloReflection cream eye shadow trio-opulence, gloEye shadow trio-envy, gloEye shawdow trio-ballerina, gloConcealer undereye in natural light and golden dark, gloCream eyeliner – slate and espresso, gloGloss in nude and rosegold, and gloLip plumper in both copper shimmer and sheer berry!  This prize collection is valued at well over $300.00 and will be given to one lucky winner whose name is drawn from our V.I.P. registered callers on December 21st – just in time for gifting or getting this year!

000_0001 Our V.I.P. Platinum Card is our solution to rewarding the loyalty of our patients while respecting both their privacy and the confidentiality of those they refer to us.  Other exciting benefits include:  One-time $25.00 credit in our skincare suite, a FREE hydration mask during your birthday month, 10% off Botox and dermal fillers, 5% off all surgical procedures with Dr. Castillo and a FREE custom facial after any facial surgery with Dr. Castillo.   Please note that V.I.P. offers cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts, and card deactivates after one year of inactivity.

We’re very pleased with the reception our V.I.P. Platinum Card has received from our patients and look forward to extending card benefits to many more in the future.  It’s wonderful to be able to say thank you to our patients for their patronage and generous referrals without risking the one aspect of their care that is as mandatory as our surgeon’s skill – confidentiality!  Know when opportunity knocks – don’t forget to FAN US on facebook for more information on specials and upcoming promotions!

Insurance Coverage – Is It A Possibility?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Q:  Will my insurance cover this procedure?

A: While many procedures performed by G.D. Castillo, M.D. at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinnic are solely cosmetic in nature, there are a number of procedures that may qualify for insurance coverage. For example, rhinoplasty or a “crooked nose deformity” may qualify for insurance coverage if it is performed to repair a deviated septum that is causing a blockage in the nasal passage for the patient.  Another procedure that may qualify is breast reduction if the patient is experiencing symptoms caused by the weight of the breasts, like back, neck or breast pain, difficulty with exercise, or interference with work duties. Upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may qualify for benefits if drooping skin is obscuring a patient’s vision.

The most important question for insurance companies is medical necessity – is there a medical reason for having this procedure, or is it solely being performed for aesthetic reasons?

Regardless of policy terminology, the insurance company Utilization Review Department’s determination of benefits will both begin and end on this basic question as defined by their own criteria.

Medical necessity often begins with proof that conservative medical treatment has been tried prior to a surgical recommendation and has not alleviated the problem.  With so many over-the-counter options available to the consumer today, many people are not reporting their symptoms and the frequency of their symptoms to their physician.  This lack of documentation can delay insurance eligibility since the background information as to conservative treatment is not documented within the patient record.  This is just one reason why it is important that patients communicate with their physician as to frequency of symptoms and response to the recommended treatment, including any over-the-counter remedies that the patient may be using.

As one example, a woman with large pendulous breasts may ask for a prescription or referral from her physician to have a bra constructed to help support the weight of her breasts to help alleviate her discomfort.  She should report any rashes or break down of her skin that may be caused by the size of her breasts as well as reporting the results of remedies she is utilizing, regardless if she is using a prescription medication or an over-the-counter product.  She should report any back or neck discomfort and be checked for postural difficulties and shoulder strapping (grooves or indentations in the shoulders caused by the weight of the breasts supported by bra straps).

If you believe that you have a condition that would be helped by a procedure that may qualify as medically necessary, you can call your insurance company’s benefit department and ask them to inform you of the coverage available in your specific policy, and further, to send you, in writing, their exact criteria for determining medical necessity for that procedure.  I’ve seen cases over the last 14 years where a few months of well-documented, failed conservative treatment has made the difference in obtaining insurance benefits for permanent surgical relief.

A consultation with Dr. Castillo at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery may be all that’s necessary to determine if insurance reimbursement is a possibility.  These consultations are available in both our Savoy and Bloomington, Illinois offices.

It’s well worth the effort!