Budgeting For Beauty – Part 1

Today’s economic slow down has left a deficit in the “beauty budget” of many. Unfortunately, this has occurred at a time when we must look and feel our best in the work force as a sense of job security or in hopes of landing a new job. Let’s face it, rational or not, we are often judged not only on our job performance but on our appearance as well. If we walk into an interview appearing outdated, a perspective interviewer may perceive our ideas and abilities to be outdated as well. How well we take care of ourselves reflects on our ability to manage all that life throws our way.

Feeling good about ourselves improves our confidence, self-esteem, and productivity. Therefore, a certain amount of vanity can be a good thing. I believe when looking for ways to insure a return on your financial investments, investing in yourself may be one of your best options.

Most often, the face is the area we first notice signs of aging. It’s like we wake up one morning and say to ourselves, “whoa, who is that person looking back at me in the mirror? Where did those lines come from? When did these brown spots and red, broken veins take up residency? Is my nose actually getting longer? What happened to those high cheek bones my friends were always envious of?

As we lose fat and elasticity in our mid-face, the lower lids sag into the cheek bones, which in-turn elongates the appearance of the nose and face and narrows the eyes. Due to years of sun and environmental exposure our skin becomes multi-colored (brown spots, reds, yellows, grays…) and looses elastin and collagen. We notice textural changes as well.

The gold standard for facial rejuvenation is the Facelift, typically accompanied by Full Face Laser Resurfacing These procedures, performed by a trained, highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon will provide you with the best results available. However, Facelifts and Full Face Laser Resurfacing may not fit the goals or budget of every individual who has facial rejuvenation needs.

Fortunately, the vast advancement in non-invasive or minimally-invasive rejuvenation procedures offers some excellent second place options. Though the results from these non-surgical procedures may be somewhat less than that of the Face Lift with Full Face Laser Resurfacing, they do offer a less-expensive, less-invasive, less-recovery time solutions to fit almost any situation.

For those who are concerned with job security in today’s market, these types of procedures have some attractive benefits. You will typically invest less money than if you have a surgical procedure. You should be able to return to work more quickly, reducing the amount of income loss due to missing work. You can get the results you need without the fear of being replaced during an extended time away from your job.

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