The Beauty of Revolving Medical Credit

We have all done it at some point in our lives – purchased that 5 in 1 miracle cream advertised utilizing  20-something television models and glossy, airbrushed magazine beauties, only to find that we don’t look 20-something again and apparently the airbrush is the missing component to our make-up kit.

We’ve spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter products that aren’t doing what we want in an effort to invest in ourselves, whether affordable or not.  So our collection of partially used creams continues to grow while we remain frustrated by what greets us in the mirror every morning.  Yet, we continue to throw away our money because we’re hesitant to invest in a larger outlay of cash.

What if there was an interest-free option to spread the expense of of quality, scientifically proven, medical-grade products that both treat to correct existing problems and protect from future problems? What if our investment in ourselves didn’t have to collect dust on the shelf or adorn our trash cans?

The good news is that there is just such an option offered to you by G.D. Castillo, M.D. at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Skin and Laser Institute!  It is a six month  INTEREST-FREE  payment program available through Care Credit.  This program allows you to spread the expense of Botox or Dysport, dermal fillers like Perlance or Radiesse, or medical-grade skincare into monthly payments that are very affordable and interest-free!

Example #1:  A VIP medium Dysport treatment is $270.00, and with the $50.00 manufacturer’s rebate like the ones frequently available in our office, this fee is reduced to $220.00.  That’s $36.66 per month – about the cost of a family pizza dinner out!  Even better yet – Dysport actually does what it’s suppose to do, so you will receive the return on your investment that you have been missing.

Example #2: A typical anti-aging medical-grade skincare program may entail an initial outlay of $300.00.  That’s $50.00 per month for a scientifically proven skincare regimen that is designed specifically for your needs and skin concerns. Additionally, you have access to our Skincare and Laser Specialist, Roxanne – who will help you assess your skincare goals and tweak your program according to your personal lifestyle.  Imagine the luxury of your own skincare specialist to pamper and restore your skin to the glowing softness you deserve!

The Care Credit medical credit line is revolving, so as you pay over time the credit limit is available to you to be used again.  Medical credit is a resource, why not put your great credit history to work for you?

So next time you’re tempted by advertising gimmicks, why not give us a call at 800-252-7123 and let us help you help yourself!


G. D. Castillo, M.D.


800-252-7123 (within IL)
217-359-7508 Savoy (Champaign-Urbana)

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