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Cheek Implants, Part I

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Mentoplasty (Cheek Implants)

Being able to identify yourself as a candidate for cheekbone implants is sometimes difficult.  You might spend hours and hours staring in the mirror, developing a discontent for how you see yourself and how others see or treat you as well.

We often find that when a patient arrives with underdeveloped cheekbone structure at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center for a facial consultation, they are often puzzled by what really bothers them about their facial features. They just know that they don’t like what they see.  As a cosmetic plastic surgeon, it is clear to me what is creating their dissatisfaction.

Dr. Castillo Performing Surgery

In many cases, the patient is lacking prominent cheekbone structure. The mid-face or cheek region of the face should be the widest, most prominent portion of the face, thus making the cheekbones one of the most defining facial features. When you develop without a prominent cheekbone structure, it can make your nose look larger and your eyes appear more prominent. Not only does this create an unbalance of your facial characteristics from the frontal view of your face but to their profile as well.  Typically, if you do not develop with a prominent cheek bone structure you tend to have a flatter face, absent of distinctive characteristics.

High, prominent, symmetrical cheek bones have long been thought of as a sign of beauty.  Cheekbone implants can create the needed facial structure. Cheekbone implants will bring new dimensions and contours to your face, creating facial harmony. This is a scar-free, uncomplicated procedure to undergo and can offer you a lifetime of rewards.

In the following days I will share of few of our cheekbone implant patient stories. This may help you to get a better understanding of the procedure itself, what your recovery would involve and how it has benefited others who have had this procedure.

Dr. G.D. Castillo, Triple-Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

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