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Post-Abdominoplasty: A Case Of The Missing Navel!

Friday, February 3rd, 2017


While all cosmetic or plastic surgeons have their own style and artist preferences, there is certain criteria that needs to be met to say you have delivered a good surgical result for your patient. We have been seeing a very strange occurrence in our office lately, one that I believe warrants discussing.

Over the past 1 ½ -2 years, Dr. Castillo has seen a number of individuals who are seeking a second opinion on their tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), which they had done elsewhere. These patients share that they are unhappy with the results. “Something just doesn’t look right,” they say. While they may not know exactly what they are unhappy with, they KNOW something isn’t as expected.”

With one professional peek at their tummy, it’s shockingly obvious. They are missing the “crown jewel” of any good tummy tuck – the navel!! We have also seen a few patients with poorly re-constructed, misshapen or poorly placed umbilicus as well. Either way, it would make it difficult for a person to feel good about the new look of their tummy.

The navel (umbilicus) is the focal point of any abdomen. It is the single most important anatomical component and without one, an abdomen can look like something straight out of Alien! Acute attention to the details of placement, size, shape and depth are paramount in the final appearance of an abdomen. That deserves repeating…. Acute attention to the details of placement, size, shape and depth are paramount in the final appearance of an abdomen. The navel immediately reveals the age of an individual by the location, shape and size of it. Compare your current navel to that of a picture of your navel as a teen. You are likely to notice some changes.

So my best advice to anyone considering a tummy tuck is ask lots of questions about what you are getting and what your surgeon’s vision of a proper abdominoplasty is. Look closely at his before and after photos. Carefully examine at the position, shape, size, depth and proportion of the navels he has created. This is not the time ignore the proverbial “elephant in the room.” Demand a proper navel! 

Roxanne Grace Hammond, RMA
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