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Financing for Convenience

Friday, March 4th, 2011

February decided to throw one last tantrum before giving way to the blue skies and warm sunshine “marching” us into spring – the season of new beginnings. Historically, it also is the time of year that an increasing number of people decide to take action on their desire to make positive personal changes. This may be partially due to prospective tax refunds burning a hole in our pockets, but I prefer to think of it as nature’s reminder of the necessity of rebirth, shedding our old skin and allowing the refreshing self-image of our mind’s eye to emerge.

Monetary considerations are of great importance to someone considering a procedure or treatment. Many people do not want to dip into their savings account(s), but also do not want to delay their procedure or treatment while waiting for a cash influx, such as a tax refund. For this reason, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offers the convenience of several financing choices to our patients.

• Dr. Castillo’s practice participates in a revolving medical credit card plan allowing one to pay medical debt over time. This plan offers the advantages of maintaining an existing line of medical credit that is available for re-use in the future and widely accepted by medical facilities. This option also offers a 6-month interest free program. The rate for this program’s extended payment plans are pre set, and while this can be an advantage, someone with a very high credit score may command lower rates than those offered. For someone in this situation, other options should be investigated before making a final decision.

• We also are a participating practice with an independent lending company that has access to all sources of non-secured medical loans. Some are surprised to learn that multiple credit pulls (more than 2 in a short time frame) will automatically lower a credit score – this lending company has the advantage of accessing all credit possibilities with just one credit pull, thus maximizing the effect a high credit score will have upon rates/terms. While there are no application fees, the patient pays a fee for their services if a loan they arranged is accepted by the patient. This company works for you, the patient, not the financing industry, and the difference in rates and terms may offset any fee they charge for their services. It’s always important to ask about any fees in advance of making any financing decision.

• For those patients desiring a local or traditional lending option – we have made arrangements with a central Illinois credit union that is willing to work with our patients on both secured (collateral offered for loan) and non-secured medical loans.

Most importantly, our patients report both success and satisfaction with these financing options. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is not aligned with any one financing resource, offering our patients the full spectrum of medical credit that is available to meet their needs. Additionally, all major credit cards are accepted within both of our practice locations to allow our patients to take advantage of the special offers they’ve earned.

All of the above options are represented with direct links on our financing page at Please feel free to call us at 217-359-7508 or 309-662-0436 or visit these lenders’ websites to have all of your financing questions answered.

Roena Hensler,

Office Coordinator for

G. D. Castillo, MD, FACS
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery