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Who Are Our Patients? The Average Citizen We See Every Day

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Q: What demographic represents the bulk of your patients?

A: The answer is surprising to many – the majority of our patients are comprised of the average citizen that you and I pass everyday on the street. A stereotype used to exist that relegated an elective procedure to the realm of celebrities or the very wealthy – that stereotype has become a thing of the past and rightly so.

Q: What do you mean by rightly so?

A: Well, the average person looks in the mirror everyday, and if we are fortunate enough to enjoy what “society” considers the norm reflected back at us, we often don’t realize how many people don’t share our good fortune.

For example, if a woman’s breasts are naturally equally pleasing in both size and shape, she may have never considered how common it is for this not to be the case for other women. Breasts, in particular, are a strong focal point for most women, and for the woman who has developed disproportionately, this can be emotionally devastating.

A woman suffering from one smaller tubular-shaped breast and one larger round-mounded breast doesn’t have the same experiences as a woman with breasts similar in size and shape. Every aspect of her life – both social and intimate, will be colored by this congenital deformity. Imagine shopping for bras in this situation or the discomfort in fun activities such as going to a swimming pool with your friends. Think of the distress of needing to camouflage this irregularity in both choosing and wearing your wedding dress. This would be incredibly limiting for those of us who take our physiques for granted.

A breast procedure can correct this situation and although an insurance company may consider the procedure elective and cosmetic, that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary for the mental health and well being of the patient.

This is just one example of many. Cosmetic procedures are termed such mainly because they are elective. These procedures have a very high satisfaction rate and most patients immediately comment on the effect on their quality of life. The value and necessity of these procedures is undeniable.

Cosmetic surgery has become more affordable for all and has remained economically stable. Breast augmentation pricing remains the same as it was ten years ago while regular medical care has gone up 140%.

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