Chin Surgery

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In evaluating the facial profile, the shape of the chin plays a very important role. In many cases, a receding chin accompanies an overly large nose. In other cases, lack of adequate chin projection can mar an otherwise acceptable profile. Few people realize that a receding chin is quite easily corrected by chin implant surgery in Champaign at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic.

To learn more about chin surgery, request a consultationrequest a consultation with Dr. G. D. Castillo or call our office nearest you. We look forward to helping you enhance your look through skilled cosmetic procedures, and encourage you to view chin surgery photos in our online photo gallery.

Chin Surgery Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Chin Surgery case 61 before photo


    Chin Surgery case 61 after photo


    Case #61

    Chin Implant (Mentoplasty) View Case 

  • Chin Surgery case 21 before photo
    Chin Surgery case 21 after photo

    Case #21

    This 49-year old from the Springfield, Illinois area was seen seeking nose surgery (rhinoplasty) and a chin implant (mentoplasty). Her chief complaint involved the area of jowls, neck and the nasal area. While she had always been self conscious of the size and shape of her nose, she began to notic... View Case 

  • Chin Surgery case 59 before photo


    Chin Surgery case 59 after photo


    Case #59

    Mentoplasty (Chin Implant) View Case 

In some cases, a receding chin is related to a functional problem in the relationship of the lower and upper jaws. This type of receding chin may be best corrected by shifting the entire lower jaw. Usually, the problem is merely one of appearance, and this is best corrected by a much simpler operation called augmentation mentoplasty or chin implantation.

The Procedure

This operation may be combined with rhinoplasty or with a facelift in Champaign, Illinois, although, in many cases it is carried out alone. Frequently, it is combined with liposuction for Savoy, IL patients to sculpt the neck. Dr. Castillo offers several neck rejuvenation options that can complement chin surgery. The implant can be inserted either through a small incision inside the mouth or an incision made under the chin. The choice of approach will depend on the desires of the surgeon and the patient as well as whether or not other procedures are being combined. For example, with a face lift, a small incision is frequently made under the chin for fat removal or to reposition the skin. In this case, that same incision can be used to introduce the chin implant.

After Surgery

The operation is quite safe. The implant, made of Silastic, is well tolerated. Afterwards, there may be some temporary numbness of the lower lip and some swelling. For the first few weeks when the patient smiles, the lower lip will feel quite tight and the lower teeth may not be properly visible. Within a few weeks, the feeling and action return to normal.

This is one of the most rewarding procedures in facial profile correction since so many patients are not initially aware of the possibility of correcting a receding chin. It gives big dividends in improved appearance and patient gratification with minimal discomfort.

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