Eyelid Surgery

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There are several misconceptions about eyelid surgery, a procedure also known as blepharoplasty. Two of the most prevalent include:

  • Eyelid surgery is only for older people. Many young men and women have "bags" under the eyes and/or poorly defined upper eyelids. A heavy fold of skin and tissue obscures the normal eyelid crease and comes down to the lash line so it obscures the upper eyelid. Surgery can help the eyes look more "alive" and become a vibrant part of the facial expression.
  • Eyelid surgery must be repeated every few years. When properly done (not merely removing a little strip of skin but actually resculpting the eyelid), the effects are permanent and will rarely have to be repeated. Our Bloomington, Decatur and Champaign eyelid surgery patients enjoy their enhanced look for many years, and many say that they wish they had their procedure sooner.

To learn more about blepharoplasty, request a consultationrequest a consultation with Dr. G. D. Castillo or call our office nearest you. We look forward to helping you enhance your look through skilled cosmetic procedures, and encourage you to view eyelid surgery photos in our online photo gallery.

Before & After Eyelid Surgery

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The Facts about Blepharoplasty

In most cases, upper and lower eyelid surgeries are performed simultaneously, but these procedures can be done separately depending on the needs of the patient. The unattractive eyelid presents two problems that involve fat pouches and/or excessive skin and tissues.

Lower Eyelids

Excess fat may be more pronounced under the eyes and cause "bags," or the appearance of dark circles. This often gives a very tired look to the entire face. When this condition occurs at a young age, it is probably inherited; in older persons, these bags form as part of the aging process. Removal of these fatty deposits is successful and makes the person look less tired, more alert and youthful.

Excess skin in the lower eyelid shows as wrinkles or crepeness in the skin. Although this can be somewhat alleviated by surgery, it will not disappear completely. The wrinkle lines beside the eye ("crow's feet" or "smile lines") will not be removed by this surgery. Some persons have "double bags," with the second bag being an area of fullness lower down over the cheekbones which is due to fluid retention by the body and cannot be corrected by any conventional surgical techniques.

Upper Eyelids

Excessive skin is usually most severe in the upper lids, forming a heavy fold that drops over the normal lid crease, over the upper eyelid itself and obscuring it. Sometimes, this skin even interferes with vision, causing frowning or headaches. Blepharoplasty is very successful in correcting this condition and can help both vision and appearance. Cosmetics can be used effectively to draw attention to the eye area and give it a more opened, youthful appearance.

In some patients, the curtain of skin from the upper eyelid may be partially due to the sagging of the eyebrow. In these cases, a brow lift may be more appropriate instead of or in addition to blepharoplasty. Other patients choose to have laser skin resurfacing of the eye area to help highlight their surgical results.

To learn more about eyelid surgery in Champaign, Illinois, request a consultationrequest a consultation with Dr. Castillo or call our office nearest you. We look forward to helping you enhance your look through skilled cosmetic procedures.

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