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Financing Info

Financing and the Savvy Credit Consumer

For those desiring to schedule a procedure, an attractive option is to spread payments over time rather than an initial outlay of cash. We, at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, believe that it is the well-informed patient that makes the best treatment decision, and this includes the financial aspect of a treatment or surgery.

What do advertising teasers such as "no payments..." and "interest free..." mean for us financially? For the credit-savvy consumer, it means that companies are competing for our business offering us more choices - a good thing for the well informed. But, in an age when some financing companies are now directly advertising to us in our mailbox, e-mail, and medical offices, what we have to ask ourselves is "how are they making these offers and what's best for me?"

Below are a few considerations that the financing consumer may want to ask about prior to committing to a financing offer:

Our Financing Options

Financing offers us the convenience of making personal choices in a timeframe that may not otherwise be available to us – a valuable option. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offers several financing options in order to best suit the individual needs of our patients, not the financing company. All of our options specialize in non-secured medical loans.

Prosper™ Healthcare Lending

We are pleased to partner with one of the leading healthcare financing organizations in the U.S., Prosper Healthcare Lending. This program offers a variety of payment plans and term options to fit the various lifestyles of our patients. With more than 250,000 patients served, Prosper is a trusted industry name.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

Other Options

We also offer financing through:

If you have questions or would like our assistance in determining if you are eligible for financing, please contact uscontact us online or by phone at 217-359-7508 (Savoy), 309-662-0436 (Bloomington) or 800-252-7123.

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