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Plastic Surgeon Offers Graduated Profile Changes for Cheeks and Chins

Dr. G.D. Castillo, an experienced plastic surgery specialist in Savoy, Illinois, has developed a method of facial enhancement for his patients using a graduated method to improve their profiles.

Savoy, Illinois (March 2012) – Dr. G.D. Castillo offers plastic surgery in Savoy, Illinois, that provides patients with graduated degrees of profile change for their cheeks and chins.

"Graduation means that the level of invasiveness, the cost, and the level of change can be adapted to meet each patient's needs through the selection of different procedures," Dr. Castillo says.

These procedures are offered by Dr. Castillo's Champaign-area plastic surgery practice, which has offices in Savoy, Savoy and the Champaign-Urbana area.

Patients seeking minimal to moderate change can accomplish their goals with injectables from plastic surgeons in the Champaign, Illinois, area. The advantage of injectables is that a profile change in the cheek and chin areas can be done inexpensively, while the patient is awake, in the comfort of Dr. Castillo's state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic. The improvements achieved with most injectables will last for approximately one year.

"If someone wants to go a level above injectables, we offer fat transplant procedures for the chin and cheek areas," Dr. Castillo says. "Fat transplantation is used to address volume loss in the cheeks and to enhance a receding chin on a more permanent basis. The effects of fat transplantation can be increased even further with small anatomical implants."

The highest level of enhancement involves the use of anatomically crafted cheek and chin implants that can be chosen specifically to balance an asymmetric face. These implants are undetectable and create a natural, balanced look.

An even more significant profile enhancement can be achieved by combining liposuction of the neck area with a chin implant. This method offers dramatic results and is sometimes referred to as a "weekend facelift."

Using liposuction offers Champaign, Illinois, area patients a very quick recovery of two to four days, as well as a much lower cost than traditional face-lifting procedures.

To learn more about chin or cheek surgery, request a consultationrequest a consultation with Dr. G.D. Castillo or call our office nearest you.

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