Perfectly Perky: A Breast Reduction Story

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As a physically active woman, this patient felt that her large breasts got in the way, even when she wore 2 bras. She came to Dr. G. D. Castillo to discuss her plastic surgery options, and they decided on a breast reduction at our Savoy, Illinois practice. Today, she says the procedure made her the confident woman she always wanted to be. Read on to hear more about her experience, in her own words.

I assume most women my age arrive for a consultation with Dr. Castillo to talk about having breast implants — but in my case, larger breasts was the last thing I would ever want. I began struggling with the large size of my breasts long before most of my junior high friends had even begun to develop them. Being heavily into sports (not to mention attending school with a bunch of junior high kids) can be pretty tough if you have large breasts.

As an athlete, it throws of your balance and makes it challenging to move quickly, let alone gracefully. I was exposed to constant comments in school. I became pretty shy, I guess as a protective device to avoid having to endure more comments. I found myself constantly adjusting my bra and shirts to find a comfortable position and appropriate "coverage."

In addition to having large breasts and super-sized areolas, my breasts were sagging. and one was much larger than the other one (asymmetrical). My areolas were looking in different directions. I found it to be impossible to "feel" like a 22-year-old, fit, attractive female with the breasts I was given.

The amount of money I spent on bra after bra over the years is probably more than the surgery itself. The weight of my breasts and constant pulling and adjusting of my bras made for a pretty short lifespan for my bras. The under-wires were always breaking and poking me in the side. Try making it through a day of graduate courses with a piece of wire poking you in the ribs constantly; it's pretty tough to concentrate.

Patient Before Image

Before surgery

Patient After Image

After surgery

I have always loved being physically active. But it used to require me to wear a double bra just to "contain" my breasts. Imagine spending most days wearing 2 bras, as if one isn't uncomfortable enough! Am I right?!

While I didn't let my large breasts stop me, it sure made it more difficult. I felt like they were smothering me in certain yoga positions. Running was uncomfortable — and honestly, no matter how fit or toned the rest of my body was, I still looked overweight. I have a petite frame with a short upper body. I looked like I didn't have a waist — just all boobs. That gets discouraging after a while.

So I did some research, consulted with Dr. Castillo, and decided that he was my guy! I liked the before-and-after photos he showed me, and I decided to move forward with breast reduction surgery. I appreciated how direct and clear he was while he explained what he could (and could not) accomplish for me. He took me through every step of the process: pre-op, surgery and recovery. I left knowing exactly what to expect.

His staff is thoughtful and knowledgeable, and it's clear they all love their job and want what was best for me. On the day of surgery, I was excited but also a little apprehensive because I am sensitive to narcotics and usually vomit for hours or days after surgery. The girls put me at ease and the anesthetist was first rate. He told me he would take care of me, and he did! I didn't experience any nausea after surgery. What a relief!

Afterward, I was able to control my discomfort with over-the-counter Tylenol. I was back to work and school in 4 days.

I held off on having surgery for a few years because I was concerned about scarring, but as my quality of life was continually decreasing, I became less concerned with scarring and more concerned about my own happiness. It's just a few months after my surgery now, and my incisions are becoming difficult to see! This is the best decision I have EVER made for myself. I'm FREE!

Since having a breast reduction, I see such a difference in me as a person. I'm much more outgoing and athletically competitive. I feel like the confident, gregarious 22-year-old I was meant to be. I can now enjoy shopping trips with friends, buying dresses that actually fit. I am happy with my body. I HAVE A WAIST! AN ACTUAL WAIST! I had no idea it was there!

I looked like I lost 20 pounds immediately after surgery. Talk about motivation to stay active and healthy! I get to wear cute bras, bras that actual 22-year-old girls wear, not 82-year-old grandmas. Even better than wearing cute bras is the fact that bras are no longer needed. My breasts are perfect and perky, 24/7!


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