Ear Surgery Before & After Pictures of Patient 63

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Case Number: 63

Ear Surgery Before Photo | Savoy, IL | Dr. G.D. Castillo   Ear Surgery After Photo | Savoy, IL | Dr. G.D. Castillo

Before - Frontal View


After - Frontal View

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Ear Surgery Before Photo | Savoy, IL | Dr. G.D. Castillo

Before - Back View

Ear Surgery After Photo | Savoy, IL | Dr. G.D. Castillo

After - Back View

            This 20-year old from the Bourbonnais/Kankakee area requested an otoplasty, or a pin-back operation for her ears.  She has had emotional difficulties related to her protruding ears, which became exacerbated while growing up by teasing in school and at social events.  She elected to keep her ears hidden behind a hairstyle that lacked flexibility but afforded her a means of avoiding ridicule.  At age 20, she now has the independence and economic ability to correct this problem. 

An otoplasty, or pin-back operation, in Champaign-Urbana’s Cosmetic Plastic Surgery fully accredited facility was carried out on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The surgery was accomplished through an incision that is completely hidden in the crease of her ear, that is, in the back of the ear as it joins the back of the head.  Through this incision, the cartilage was remodeled and stitches were placed to create an anatomically correct and pleasing structure for the ear.  The dressing was removed 24 hours following surgery, and she used a headband to give light compression to the ears intermittently for the first week.  Other than for avoiding heavy strenuous exercise, she resumed her normal activities immediately.  She experienced discomfort in her ears for approximately two days. 

At the time that her post-operative photographs were taken, she reported that she has been able to wear her hair in a variety of ways, having gained the flexibility to not only change hair style, but also to utilize cosmetics to enhance her face.  She expresses that she is experiencing a freedom that she did not have before, being able to show her face without having to hide behind specific hairstyles or pretexts.  In essence, she is experiencing the freedom of being comfortable with her self-image.





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