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Real Patient Testimonials

8/2/18 — G. H., Rhinoplasty: Of all of the surgeons in the area, I am beyond blessed to have chosen you to perform my surgery (Rhinoplasty). I love my results and love that no one but me can tell I have anything done. You and your staff were all very kind, professional and patient with me during the process. I am so happy with my results and would recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone! When you have surgery with Dr. Castillo, it's like taking your surgeon home with you He and his staff are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

7/18/18 — Aprille, Breast Implant Augmentation: For years I dreamed about having this surgery done but it didn't become a real goal until I had breast fed 3 and was feeling so sad and unappealing about my breasts that I was determined to not let another year go by without doing something. I did my research and found Dr. Castillo. His staff is so amazing. And I was even in awe at the heavenly feel of the facility. Everyone was so knowledgeable and nice. I will admit I was nervous all the way up until my procedure. But all the doctors and staff patience with me and helped me relax. It seemed like 2 minutes later it was over. Everything Dr. Castillo and his staff said would happen or I would experience happened. None of the things I read about online happened in my experience. This place is exceptional!

7/17/18 — Shauna, Breast Augmentation: I had a breast augmentation with him and his staff and it was a very pleasant experience. They were thorough when it came to giving information, support, and checking on me afterwards. They make their patient's results and safety a priority and I wouldn't hesitate to refer someone looking for cosmetic surgery to his facility. His staff is very polite and professional and the overall experience was a good one.

7/17/18 — Saline Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift: Making the decision to have breast augmentation was major for me. After having 2 kids and losing weight, my breasts had basically disappeared. My first appt. with Dr. Castillo he calmed all of my fears. Stephanie was wonderful and patient while I was trying to decide on sizing. Everyone was friendly, caring and honest about the expectations of pre–op and post–op care. My husband and I are 100% satisfied with choosing Dr. Castillo & the way my breasts appear. It's been many years since I haven't felt self–conscious when my husband saw my breasts. That is now completely gone. Thank you again for a wonderful experience & outcome!

7/12/18 — Barb, Facelift: Does an excellent job. No scar after. Would use again. 5 Star.

7/01/18 Botox: Excellent first visit with Dr. Castillo, not my first Botox treatment but was looking for a doctor who could give me a better aesthetic result. Dr. Castillo delivered! He explained where he was going to inject Botox and why. He told me I would be pleased and I sure am! Natural looking, and an easy and comfortable session. I will be going back for all follow up treatments. Thank you Dr. Castillo!

06/30/18 — Lower Eye Lid Surgery, Chin Implant, Cheek / Neck lift: Upon deciding to pursue cosmetic surgery, I reached out to long–time trusted friends for referrals of knowledgeable & talented surgeons along with their opinions of surgeon's staff & facilities; based on my long list of priories: commitment to patient safety, privacy, results, compassion, comfort & satisfaction; respect and clear communications with patients & their post–surgery care–givers. I interviewed the referral I received. Dr. G.D. Castillo and his staff and facilities rated the highest. Awesomely, following the interview, the entire process exceeded my hopes and expectations. Dr. Castillo performed the following surgeries on me: lower lid blepharoplasty, chin implant, cheek lift, neck lift. I'm so grateful for the results; he is a stellar artist / surgeon. Additionally, the entire staff was knowledgeable, positive, and professional. I would not consider another practice for any cosmetic surgery and have already recommended Dr. Castillo and staff to others.

06/22/18 — Emily, Rhinoplasty: My experience with Dr. Castillo was such as amazing one. He did my Rhinoplasty surgery and the results couldn't have turned out better. Him and his staff are very professional and kind and I would recommend him to anybody interested in getting any type of plastic surgery done!

6/11/18 — Kimberlee, Breast Augmentation: Staff were always friendly and helpful. No long waits at appointments. Dr. Castillo took time to explain in detail all the answers to the questions I asked about my surgery. The prompt post–op calls from Dr. Castillo just shows how he goes above and beyond for his clients. It was nice to talk to my Dr. one on one when he called after my surgery. Thank you Dr. Castillo! You and your staff have been wonderful.

6/13/18 — J.L, Liposuction: Everyone is/was always pleasant. Procedure was smooth and easy to do through. All appointments never required any wait time. Never felt uncomfortable or awkward. Highly recommend.

06/04/18 — R.H., Brachioplasty: I had a previous brachioplasty by another doctor and didn't get the results I wanted. So I found Dr. Castillo to do a possible revision for me. He suggested doing a Brachioplasty with Arm Liposculpture to get the results I was hoping for. My first visit with him was great. He is easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about his patients. He explained the procedure in terms I understood, what to expect before and after, and he listened to my concerns. My arms turned out great, I couldn't be happier. His staff is awesome as well! The after care and follow up phone calls by him and his nurse were phenomenal. If I have any further concerns, I know they will be willing to help anyway they can. I would recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone wanting a cosmetic procedure

05/23/18 — Volume Reduction Liposuction: Volume Reduction Liposuction procedure couldn't have gone better. Dr. Castillo put my mind as ease and I felt confident that I was in very good hands. I was aware that the Dr. had years of experience doing liposculpture and I believe this is crucial to get a smooth, shapely result. The results have exceeded my expectations and I have my curves back.

05/23/18 — Botox and Liposuction: Superb experience with Dr. Castillo and his staff. (They have been with him for years and that says a lot) My results exceeded my expectations. His experience, bedside manner and artistry were / are wonderful. Wouldn't ever go to any other PS!

05/22/18 — Liposuction: Excellent outcome after large volume lipo. Dr. Castillo has an artistic eye for what will look the best, to actually sculpt the shape of the body. Very pleased with the outcome.

04/27/18 — C.C., Facelift, Breast Augmentation, Mastopexy, Full Face Laser Resurfacing, Blepharoplasty: I would like to thank Dr. Castillo and his staff for their kindness and care during my surgeries and treatments. I have had breast augmentation and mastopexy, face and neck lift, eye lift, and full face laser resurfacing. Dr. Castillo is very professional, as is his staff. Dr. Castillo did my nose several years ago so I know he was the only choice for me. I am very pleased with all the results. Stephanie and Roxanne, thank you so much, you all made it so easy to turn back time…

04/14/18 — Botox and Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Castillo and his staff are the absolute best in our area. From Botox to cosmetic procedures, his expertise, professionalism and kindness make his practice outstanding. You can tell Dr. Castillo is committed to giving the best results possible…and he does!

04/14/18 — Botox: Dr. Castillo and his staff are the best facility for cosmetic procedures, especially Botox. There are many places in the area to get Botox but Dr. Castillo is by far the best with his artistry and skill. Highly recommended!

4/13/18 — Botox: Vary caring and talented Dr. His use of Botox is in my opinion, artistry. He and his staff are very experienced and his cosmetic surgeries are definitely the best in the area.

04/13/18 — Dr. Castillo is such a kind, helpful and talented Dr. He is so professional yet very approachable. His staff are also extremely kind and very helpful. Wonderful facility to utilize!

04/11/18 — J.E., Tummy Tuck: Staff has been great since the first time I came in for my consult. Always available when I had questions or needed to be seen. Very impressed with the facility and the care I received both during my procedure and the aftercare. Results were good. I would recommend Dr. Castillo and his staff for anyone looking to have a procedure done.

4/10/18 — C.K., Neck Lipo & Facelift: I have felt as though I was among friends from my first visit on. All are caring and patient! Oh, and the technical expertise has been plainly evident throughout. I would recommend to both friends and family.

3/15/18 — K.J. Skin Care: Great experience, really love the make/up!

1/28/18 — Breast Augmentation: I was very happy with the staff they were relaxing and answered all of my questions and concerns before and after surgery. I am very happy with my results. I did go to work Monday following my surgery on Friday, but it was rough. I would recommend to others more recovery time than that. Dr. Castillo was always prompt and courteous and was never pushy. Thanks!

01/23/18 — Kylie, Breast Augmentation: Great care! I was so impressed how easy the pre–op went; how smooth the surgery was and how quickly I recovered.

12/15/17 — A.B., I've had multiple procedures with other surgeons (in Chicago, Champaign) and this has by far been the best experience. The explanations and care have been exceptional. I would recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone and everyone. I am very thankful for him and his staff.

11/3/17 — L.L., Breast Augmentation: You guys were all so professional and welcoming. I loved my experience here. And the anesthesiologist was very calming and reassuring before surgery. Dr. Castillo is easy to talk to and did an amazing job!

10/31/17 — S.L., I recommend Dr. Castillo to my friends all of the time. I have no fear about any procedures I have done there. I don't check out other cosmetic surgeons because I'm very satisfied here. The people are friendly and informative. The procedures are expertly done and not really expensive.

9/29/17 — A.W., Saline Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift & Eyelid Surgery: With Dr. Castillo, I feel like I'm in the hands of an artist. I'm thrilled with the results of surgeries (including the Rhinoplasty) and highly recommend his office. You are thoroughly informed and genuinely care for here. And–my breasts are amazing!

7/27/17 — Breast Reduction: Staff was very friendly & professional. I felt very confortable discussing my concerns – non–judgemental. The doctor made suggestions on what he felt was best for my desired outcome. Doctor came in on weekend to see me. Happy with the results – changed my lifestyle & made exercise & work more confortable – a bonus to the cosmetic appearance.

7/25/17 — S.G., Forehead Lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery: I felt very comfortable and after surgery I was very well taken care of . Calling on the phone was very good. I could call them with any problem or question I had.

07/05/17 — B.G., Facelift, Brow Lift, Neck Liposuction: Great experience! Amazing staff! I look and feel great and have been enjoying the puzzled compliments from friends – “you look great! What's different?

6/26/17 — M.B., Liposuction: I had ben considering Lipo for years and finally decided to inquire about the procedure at Dr. Castillo's office after researching offices throughout the greater Chicago area. Within minutes of the consultation he explained to me that the procedure was liposculpting, and the goal was to make me feel proportional to my own body. I fell in love with this idea! The staff was so kind and the procedure much less painful than I anticipated. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

6/23/17 — M.V, Breast Augmentation: The facility and staff were fabulous all around. They made mw feels extremely comfortable every time I talked to or saw them. The service was amazing. I am extremely happy with how I look and feel and I am more confident in my self.

5/17/17 — J.D., Breast Augmentation: The CPS family is friendly and professional. I can discuss concerns & questions I have and they give me their full attention, taking time to answer and provide help when/if needed. My results are beautiful, everything I asked for with added confidence. I could not be happier!

1/27/17 — C.H., Saline Breast Augmentation: Could not have chosen a better place to have my surgery! Dr. Castillo was very honest & straight–forward which I appreciated! I felt very comfortable & relaxed knowing he was my surgeon as I knew I would not be disappointed with my results. The rest of the staff was always very welcoming & friendly. They always made me feel like I wasn't just another patient but someone special! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of my friends and family come here for any of their cosmetic needs! I was very impressed with the facility & felt very at ease being able to have my surgery done at a location I was familiar with!

12/20/16 — T.S., Abdominoplasty: I am very pleased with my overall experience and appreciate the kindness of the staff. Thank you for the excellence in each step of the process.

11/22/16 — Happy patient, Rhinoplasty: Very nice and helpful. I am very happy with my results. The procedure and recovery was nearly painless. I had a great experience.

11/17/16 — L.W., Breast / Knee Liposuction: I am so thankful for all of you. You're the best ever. Bless you for helping people be happy and most of all feel better about themselves. I also really liked the privacy of everything being done right there.

10/20/16 — Rhonda, Breast Augmentation: My initial breast augmentation was done over 10 years ago by another surgeon. One of my implants deflated so I decided to have both implants replaced. Dr. Castillo and his staff took very good care of me. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure.

10/11/16 — L., Breast Augmentation: I was very nervous and anxious when I first came for an appointment, but the staff and Dr. Castillo were straight–forward and answered all my questions. I am very happy with my results and would sure come back for some other procedures. Thank you for being warm and welcoming all the time!

9/30/16 — Liposuction and Fat Transplantation: Excellent! Very friendly and informative. Excellent post–operative care.

9/14/16 — Facelift: Dr. Castillo is great, very professional and explains everything very clearly. He takes enough time to go over the procedures. Nurses and the rest of the staff are very kind and professional too. I would recommend Dr. Castillo's practice to everyone!

9/2/16 — Andi, Breast Reduction: Having breast reduction changed my life. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself! My entire experience with Dr. Castillo and his staff has been first–rate! I appreciate how thorough he was in explaining what I should expect every step of the way. My breasts are perfect! I would recommend Dr. Castillo and his staff to anyone!

8/24/16 — M.J., Breast Lift: I am very pleased with my whole experience. The staff was great and very professional.

8/2/16 — Di, Cheek / Neck Lift and Laser Resurfacing: When you are unfamiliar with a process like this, it's hard to know what questions to ask. Dr. did a good job explaining what would happen. Dr. Castillo: excellent, wonderful bedside manner. Had total confidence in him. Staff: excellent & always responsive.

07/22/16 — D.C., Penniculectomy: Staff was great to work with. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Very caring and compassionate. Very accommodating. Would definitely recommend this facility to anyone.

5/3/16 — T.G., Skincare: Roxanne was very professional and she explained all of my skincare concerns.

4/14/16 — S.K., Micro–Fractional Laser Resurfacing: Roxanne was wonderful – extremely informative and patient with my many, many questions. I'm very excited to have found you guys!

3/29/16 — B.M.: Everything was very clean and staff was neat and professional. I liked the way the staff all worked together with Dr. Castillo. I felt very comfortable every time I was there. I think I Dr. Castillo is one of the best!

3/17/16 — Having cosmetic surgery represented a once in a lifetime experience. After much research & private discussion, I made an appt. with Dr. Castillo. I found him to be caring, a good listener, knowledgeable, kind and encouraging; and his staff supportive in the same ways and very happy to be a part of his team! Also important to me and this professional team was ensuring my privacy, security and safety were upheld. In making my decision, I knew Dr. Castillo and his staff were the best. Dr. Castillo carried out my wish list, at his private surgery center. Thank you very much Dr. Castillo; I am satisfied in every aspect!

2/11/16 — Breast Augmentation: Most knowledgeable surgeon in town!! He is not pushy like other places I have went to. VERY happy with my breast augmentation. Staff are all professional to which was another reason I went with Dr. Castillo for my surgery!
VERY Happy Patient!

2/10/16 — K.M., Liposculpture: Dr. Castillo and his staff are amazing. I have had two procedures with Dr. Castillo. His professionalism and knowledge make the entire process smooth and at ease. The staff is friendly and available always. I absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Castillo.

2/3/16 — Jim, Nipple Reduction: The staff is very friendly. Everything was done in a timely manner. Dr. Castillo is attentive to patient goals!

02/03/16 — Riley: Dr. Castillo: As I write this, I lie in my bed smiling ear to ear; something that has not happened in a long time. Dr. Castillo changed my life…saved my life. I love my chest now, and I feel like a new man. Dr. Castillo is a true artist, and I could not have asked for a better surgeon. Extremely professional, honest, and kind. That goes for Stephanie and Roxanne, as well; both women are so caring and gentle. If Cosmetic Plastic Surgery was located on the moon then I would by a rocket.

01/15/16 — Courtney, Liposculpture: I was nervous about taking the first step to get lipo. Everyone on the staff was very helpful and comforting during the process. I am thankful to all the staff for their attention and understanding.

12/16/15 — Happy patient, Botox: I have been receiving Botox injections for the past several years and have found it to be very beneficial. Foremost it has provided relief from tension headaches in my forehead that would result from the constant contraction of the muscle in the area between my eyebrows. I no longer get the question, what is wrong, that I use to get from the pulling of these muscles into a frown expression that would unknowingly form on my face. It has helped relax my facial features especially around the eyes and forehead. I have a more pleasant expression, which in turn makes me look and feel better.

12/16/15 — Christine, Botox: My 1st visit to Dr. Castillo a few years ago was due to my interest in BOTOX® Cosmetic to reduce the look of crow's feet and the frown lines between my eyebrows. I was so impressed / satisfied with the results, I continue to see Dr. Castillo when the frown lines reappeared. A surprise side effect is the significant reduction of migraines.

12/16/15 — C.B., Botox:

I am a regular working gal; not a skinny–minny (5'5";/150 lbs) or particularly wealthy. A few years ago – in my mid–50s – I started thinking about doing something to lighten–up my heavy middle–aged forehead.

I scheduled a consultation appointment with Dr. Castillo to discuss my options. I had read about "fillers" but learned, as Dr. Castillo explained during my initial appointment, that option was not appropriate for me. Another better and more appropriate option was Botox. It would calm my "very animated forehead" – especially the area between my eyes, which always caused me to look like I was scowling!! – and give me the lighter appearance I was hoping for. So, I tried it.

It took a few days for the Botox to work; but, once it did, it was pretty remarkable! I looked younger. My face looked fresh and I was no longer scowling. I really did get the lighter appearance I was hoping for!! And, important–to–know, I have NEVER experienced the "frozen–emotionless–Botox–face" that people joke about.

People have consistently commented that I "look really good" – even now at 60 years old. I continue to see Dr. Castillo every three–four months for Botox injections in my forehead. It is a quick appointment involving multiple tiny injections into various places on my forehead and between my eyes. It pinches but is NOT painful. The injection sites are red for about an hour, but barely noticeable. Then the magic begins!!

Like I said, I am not wealthy but I think it is worth the money for how I good look and feel. I recommend it to my friends. (I really do!)

11/18/15 — Castillo MD Skin Science Skincare Products: My daughter fought acne for years and saw two dermatologists, took oral meds, and tried countless creams to no avail. After coming to Dr. Castillo's office, seeing Roxanne, her face has cleared up so much that she no longer is perpetually upset about it. Finally, the right products and regimen work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And I love the products for the 60+ crowd, too.

11/18/15 — Sharon, Botox: I had Botox injections yesterday and can't tell you how amazed I am with the results!! Oh my!!! I have gotten Botox for years and been to many different doctors and NEVER have I gotten this good of an outcome and so quickly. I have usually had to wait days to see it take effect and can already tell it's working this morning! Am I surprised that Dr. Castillo is so good? No! I will never go anywhere else!!

10/29/15 — Lisa, Breast Augmentation: The staff made me feel so comfortable with my procedure. They are attentive and professional. The do above normal customer service. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

10/13/15 — K.M., Breast Augmentation: Dr. Castillo was amazing to work with. He made the entire process easy. I really liked how Dr. Castillo made it a point to call me within 24 hours of surgery. I liked that he had follow up appointments until 6 months after surgery.

10/13/15 — Botox: I recently went to Dr. Castillo for Botox and couldn't be more pleased with the results! I was nervous since it was first time getting Botox. He did a wonderful job at answering my questions and addressing my concerns. He put ZERO pressure on me to have it done and actually told me to wait to have it done until I was certain I wanted to. I decided to have it done that day and could not have been more pleased. It was painless (like a minor sting) and results look natural! I've had friends who have gotten Botox at other places, but haven't seen the results I have. If you're thinking about Botox, go see Dr. Castillo!! Happy patient

10/05/15 — Kristy, Liposculpture: Everyone here is fantastic! Would do it all over again too! I feel much better about my body image. Worth every penny.

09/17/15 — Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty: It was worth every penny, the surgery went extremely well and the results are fantastic. Dr. Castillo is honest, caring and lets you know exactly what you can expect. Had several procedures over a few years, which were great, had laser resurfacing, eyelid surgery and fillers done. Dr. Castillo takes the time to explain everything.

09/17/15 — Christina, Facelift: Dr. Castillo is the best doctor I have had. He is honest, knowledgeable, kind and just a great surgeon.

09/09/15 — Shelby, Breast Augmentation: Such a comfortable environment! The staff is friendly and open to any questions! So, so, so thankful for everything!

09/06/15 — Shar, Liposculpture: I couldn't be happier with the results I've gotten from liposculpture from Dr. Castillo. His entire staff is caring and professional. The results I experienced exceeded any expectations I could've had. I was sore for about 2 months but am now totally back to normal. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to resume normal activity as I have a baby to take care of! My only problem is that nono of my clothes fit and I need a new wardrobe. I can handle that! I am so happy with how I look!

09/02/15 — Erika, Breast Augmentation: Everyone was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable from the first conversation. I was very impressed to receive a phone call from the Doctor after surgery. This entire experience was excellent! I highly recommend!

08/18/15 — Kelly: Absolutely perfect experience – would not change anything of the process, staff or surgery!

08/08/15 — S.M., Facelift: I had a lower facelift. The results are remarkable! I am 42 and I feel 30 again! Dr. Castillo and his staff was kind and reassuring which meant a lot to me when endeavoring to improve my appearance through surgery, even the anesthesiologist was considerate when I was apprehensive. There are a couple of other areas I want to improve and wouldn't go anywhere else. I believe Dr. Castillo is the best! I thank the Lord for leading me in the right direction

08/06/15 — Stacy, Breast Augmentation: Very pleased with Dr. Castillo and his wonderful staff. I had a great experience! I love my new breasts!

07/01/15 — S.P., Rhinoplasty: Best experience and best decision I ever made. Only wish I had done it sooner.

05/20/15 — Breast Reduction: Back to running after 20 yrs. Dr. Castillo and his wonderful staff made it all possible. Thanks for giving me a new outlook on life after breast reduction surgery.

05/15/15 — Karen, Castillo MD Skin Science Skin Care Products: Over the last 30 years I've used Clinique, Mary Kay, Neova, and many over–the–counter products and nothing compares to Dr. Castillo's skin care line. The Replenishing Cream is fantastic and a must have! After just two days of using the Replenishing Cream, my skin feels better than ever! My face feels soft, clean, moisturized, and hydrated! If you haven't tried the Replenishing Cream, actually the whole line of Dr. Castillo's skin care, I highly recommend you do so! You won't regret it — totally worth the investment!

05/14/15 — Cindy, Facelift, CO2 Full Face Laser Resurfacing: Dr. Castillo – you are the best! If I need anything else I will come directly to you. The girls in the office are wonderful and extremely helpful I really enjoyed my adventure with you all.

11/20/14 — Lindsay, Breast Lift: Thank you for everything! You were always so great and always made me feel comfortable. Will definitely recommend you to my friends!

11/15/14 — Breast Augmentation: I had breast augmentation done here and I have to say…they are perfect!! Dr. Castillo is a perfectionist!!! It took 3 days recovering before I was up and going again. Couldn't be happier with my choice!! Dr. Castillo is the best!

11/13/14 – Paige, Breast Augmentation and Breast Fold Correction: I wish all of my doctors were like Dr. Castillo. He is always great at answering questions, unlike many doctors I have seen.

10/10/14 – Bobbie, Breast Augmentation: I would recommend anyone to come to visit Dr. Castillo and his staff. Very friendly, always willing to help. Professional! Over–all great!!! Thank you!

09/11/14 – V.S., Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia): Dr. Castillo is excellent doctor, friendly, knowledgeable, works with patients. Guides paitients in the best possible manner. Staff and location — very friendly and clean. Overall outstanding support.

05/14/14 – Chery, Eye lid surgery and Fat Transplantation: I saw Dr. Castillo and immediately felt comfortable with him. I have had several procedures done and have always had the best care. I am very confident in Dr. Castillo and his staff. When I come here, I know I getting the BEST!

05/02/14 – T.B., Mommy Make–Over (Abdominoplasty & Breast Augmentation): Loved my experience! Dr. Castillo is amazing at what he does and his staff makes you feel so comfortable. I tell everyone of my great experience!

05/02/14 – Becky, Liposculpture: I was overall impressed with how friendly the staff and Dr. were. From start to finish the communication was awesome. My procedure went exactly how he said it would but with a lot less pain than I imagined. I originally wanted a more expensive procedure and the Dr. stated that it was not nessessary. I truly feel he and his staff had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Dr. Castillo.

04/24/14 – Pam, Brachioplasty: The warmth and friendliness was unbelievable. The caring, listening, understanding of my needs was appreciated. I cannot praise the Dr. and staff enough!

03/27/14 – K.C., Abdominoplasty: The staff is so friendly. Dr. Castillo did a wonderful job. I'm very pleased and my husband loves my new look!

11/24/13 – Christina: Facial surgery: Dr. Castillo is the best plastic surgery I know. His work is outstanding, he is honest with what results you can expect. I have been seeing Dr. Castillo for many years. He is kind, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. Before, during and after surgery he is there for you with any concerns you might have. His staff in the office is the best I have ever seen. My next procedure will be with Dr. Castillo only. Thank you to Dr. Castillo and his staff for helping me feel good about myself again.

09/02/13 – P.W: I bypassed the Bloomington cosmetic surgeons for Dr .Castillo to do my surgery. The staff is very kind and professional. The anesthesiologist was top–notch and reassuring. The operating room was clean. Office is beautiful. My face lift was a walk in the park. No pain but I did have bruising. My results were better than I expected. The scars cannot even be detected. He's a wonderful, talented, surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Castillo to everyone.

07/31/13 – I could never say enough about Dr. Castillo and his staff. They all were so wonderful and professional. I was treated so special from all of them from my first visit to my last. No pain before my surgery or during my surgery. I was very pleased with my results. I will go back again! I had very little discomfort after surgery (no pain pills). Dr. Castillo and his staff took special time with me each visit. I never felt rushed out of there. Thanks so much to all of you!

07/03/13 – J.M: Great experience and very competent staff. Thank you! Love the results :)

05/16/13 – Everyone is very patient, cheery, and helpful. Makes the atmosphere nice and comfortable.

04/26/13 – T.R : Very friendly, professional staff. Everything was wonderful. I am so pleased with my results and I would recommend to anyone interested in breast augmentation.

03/13/13 – Fabulous experience. I won't ever go anywhere else.

03/08/13 – V.R : I felt very comfortable and relaxed by the staff, especially on the surgery date when I was pretty nervous about the procedure. Everyone was very kind, professional and good at keeping everything confidential.

02/19/13 – M.M: I always feel very welcome and comfortable. Thank you for outstanding service!

02/12/13 – W.R: I have been going to Dr. Castillo for the past 10 years. I am so pleased with the professionalism Dr. Castillo and his entire staff shows their patients. I am very thankful for the privacy they provide during each and every visit. One of the first procedures Dr. Castillo performed on my face was laser resurfacing. I am so pleased with the results of this procedure. I had very deep brown spots on my cheeks from overexposure to the sun and all of them are gone! After the procedure, Dr. Castillo provided me with his cell phone number in case I needed him after hours. He then called to check on me every few hours to answer questions and alleviate any anxiety I had. The compassion of Dr. Castillo was absolutely wonderful. I receive compliments about how beautiful and clear my complexion is all of the time from people everywhere I go! Thanks to Dr. Castillo! I would recommend him to anyone because I know they are in great hands with him and his staff!

01/2013 – C.P: Dr. Castillo and his staff were wonderful!! They make you feel at ease throughout the whole process. I had a rhinoplasty done and I love the results! I wish I had done it sooner. I will definitely be back and highly recommend him to anyone who has had doubts about getting plastic surgery.

01/09/2013 – John, CO2 Micro–Fractional Laser Resurfacing: I am a 66 yr. old male who had a CO2 laser treatment to remove unsightly age spots from my face. The procedure went exactly as planned with minimal discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised that I not only had lost the discoloration, but most of my wrinkles were reduced or gone. My wife is thrilled. Dr. Castillo's staff was extremely helpful and efficient from evaluation through follow up calls and appointments. The results were better than expected and with their suggestions for proper skin care, I look forward to looking much younger for many years. I couldn't be happier, and would recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone needing or wanting to improve their skin's appearance.

01/05/13 – Joyce, Facial surgery, CO2 Micro–Fractional Laser Resurfacing: I am a 58 year old female patient of Dr. Castillo's more importantly I am a practicing R.N. for over 35 years. In all those years of practice I have yet to meet a surgeon as skilled or caring man who truly cares about the finished product of his work. I have had facial procedures and the outcome always exceeded my expectations. As a teenager and young adult I suffered from acne leaving me with scars. With laser treatments and facials from Roxanne my skin is smoother now than when I was sixteen. The entire staff are skilled professionals that listen and care. A combination not easily found in the world of medicine today. Thank you

01/03/13 – B.D: After a lifetime of poor choices such as smoking, nutrition and sun tanning, my face had accelerated signs of photo aging and clearly displayed my decisions. I sought professional solutions and after consulting with three different physicians in Champaign, I decided to go with Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. I choose them because I was not pressured, and instead was clearly informed of what solutions would be optimal and those that would not. In the end, I opted for CO2 Micro–Fractional Laser Resurfacing and my results are phenomenal. From the beginning to the end, the staff was professional, considerate and concerned about my expectations and overall well–being. In fact, I was given the cell number of Roxanne, the skincare and laser specialist because the office was to be closed over the holiday. The day after the procedure, I had to reach out to her because I was concerned about my facial conditions and needed to know if the results were typical. Roxanne was generous, considerate and helpful. Her calm demeanor and clear instructions afforded me to be reassured that all was well.

I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic as I believe you will not find a better group of cosmetic professional downstate. The care and concern extends beyond the procedure. Beyond this, it works. I have at least 10 years removed from my face, in a relatively short amount of time with minimal discomfort. If you are considering a new you, I recommend you schedule an appointment with the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center. The professionals are stellar and I believe you will not be disappointed!

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12/2012 – I had liposuction for my stomach and eventually also laser resurfacing. Dr. Castillo explained in detail what to expect and how to best take care of myself after surgery. My results from both surgeries met my expectations, and I was thrilled with the results. It took several years of thinking before I did either one, plus I did extensive research about both procedures and finally chose a surgeon. There is no doubt that I made the right choice. Another benefit is there is great support from the staff. If I decide to undergo another procedure in the future, Dr. Castillo will definitely be my choice.

12/11/12 – I would recommend Dr. Castillo for any of your cosmetic surgery needs. I am very pleased with my results and will continue to see Dr. Castillo for any future procedures. All of the staff are wonderful! I was so impressed with Rowena's customer service the first time I called the office that I didn't forget Dr. Castillo when I ready to have my procedure a few years after that initial call. Dr. Castillo is caring, compassionate, and willing to explain the procedure in detail. Thank you all!!!

12/05/12 – V.L: Thank you for your honest opinions on what I am hoping the results will be and thank you for not trying to sell me on procedures I am not looking for.

11/29/12 – M.F: Everyone is absolutely the best – friendly, personable, very responsive to any request. The best experience ever!! I love the clinic!!!

11/2012 – Dr. Castillo and his staff are very kind and compassionate and this shows from the moment you walk in the office. They always greet with a smile on their face and in their heart. I appreciate all they have done for me and feel confident in the services they offer. Thanks so much!

10/22/12 – Dr. Castillo and his professional staff were compassionate and completely committed to giving me the best possible service when I had my chin implant outpatient surgery. I was completely informed about what to expect, and very satisfied with the results. I don't know why I hesitated for over a year once Dr. Castillo suggested this would be an ideal procedure for me to have done. The improvements in the lines on my face were extraordinary, and while I have several compliments on my skin looking tighter, no one has figured out what I actually did to improve my appearance. I would highly recommend Dr. Castillo for minor or major cosmetic surgery. — Amy

09/27/12 – I saw Dr. Castillo for a tummy tuck about 5 years ago and my only regret was not having it done sooner. I am completely thrilled with the results and am contemplating a lower face lift. I wouldn't go to any other Dr. because I trust Dr. Castillo and know how talented he is. Additionally, Dr. Castillo has a wonderful staff. Stephanie makes me feel comfortable and is very reassuring. I have been seeing Roxanne, the skincare specialist for several years. She is very knowledgeable in skincare and I continue to see her monthly for treatments. Roena at the front desk is also very accommodating. My experience at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery has always been positive and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

09/20/12 – K.R: I first saw Dr. Castillo in April 2012. I had a consultation for a liposculpture procedure. I was greeted by Roena at the front desk and spoke with Roxanne before seeing Dr. Castillo. Both Roena and Roxanne not only made me feel very welcome but also very relaxed about seeking out plastic surgery. I had liposculpture in April 2012, breast augmentation in May 2012 and on September 9, 2012 I had another liposculpture procedure. I absolutely love Dr. Castillo's professional bedside manner and professional patient are. Before each procedure I was given several pieces of information about that procedure and felt very confident in Dr. Castillo's knowledge and experience of these procedures. I was very well taken care of before, during and after my surgeries and my recovery time was very minimal. I would refer anyone looking for plastic surgery procedures to talk with Dr. Castillo and his staff to get the great results they are searching for.

08/21/2012 – Everyone is courteous and helpful. All of my contacts with Dr. Castillo and staff have been excellent. The facility is immaculate. The service is excellent.

08/10/12 – E.F: Very professional and attentive. Makes clients feel very comfortable. All personnel very helpful and friendly. Wonderful experience. I feel very confident using your facility.

07/28/12 – L.B: Very professional. Dr. took his time with me and explained things thoroughly. I received Botox. I had no bruising and no headaches!

07/19/12 – B.M: I had such a great experience here that I have referred 4 of my closest friends. All of whom went with Dr. Castillo for their surgeries.

05/29/12 – This May bas been the first time I visited Dr. Castillo for a consultation and by the time the consultation was over I made up my mind to go ahead and have him do the work I wanted and needed. I looked up his background and experience in community and new I could trust him to take good care of me. His staff is just great, always friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Castillo and his staff and would trust them to do any cosmetic procedures I would need I the future. And I certainly would recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone thinking of or wanting any cosmetic procedure. Just great people. — Ann

05/24/12 – Best experience. Everyone was attentive and caring. Facility is very nice, clean, and comfortable. Very welcoming place.

05/10/12 – T.B: Excellent. I have referred several friends to Dr. Castillo whom all had procedures done and will continue to do so.

04/24/12 – I recently has laser resurfacing of the upper and lower eyelids. The results were dramatic, much better than I ever imagined. For years I have not looked at myself in the mirror. Now I can't stop admiring the results. I have to also commend Dr. Castillo and his staff for their outstanding compassionate and personalized service.

03/07/12 – Dr. Castillo is a very professional, knowledgeable doctor. You are made to feel welcome the minute you walk in the door and the best thing is that he is punctual and respects your time. Very hard to find in most doctor's offices. I would recommend Dr. Castillo and his staff 100%.

02/23/12 – S.S: Nothing but good things to say but good things about my procedure and follow up care. Minimal pain for 1–2 days.

12/20/11 – D.K.: Excellent service, everyone is very friendly which makes it great to deal with. Everyone is honest and you don't get that often these days.

12/6/11 – E.W.: I was very pleased and comfortable with everyone and everything here. I had an excellent experience. Very professional.

12/13/11 – Entire staff was great! I would and have recommended your facility to family and friends.

12/3/11 – I feel like you gave me a new life. Thank you very much.

12/06/11 – J.H.: I was pleased that my wishes were acknowledged and I feel totally natural in appearance. I am very pleased!

11/22/11 – C.T.: You, all of you, to me were very sincere – had a prior consultation with another Doctor in town and did not have a positive feel to it!

11/17/11 – J.H.: Very helpful, pleasant to deal with, reassuring and kind. Facilities are very nice, quiet and calm. Overall a very good experience.

11/09/11 – My first surgery by Dr. Castillo was in 1976 when he corrected a deviated septum and changed my life...not only allowing me to breathe easier, but also improving the shape of my nose. Now, 35 years later, through his superior surgical skill, he removed a cyst from above my eyebrow, lifted my eyes and laser resurfaced below my eyes. The unsightly bump is gone and my eyes look 15 years younger. Dr. Castillo's skills are exceptional, and he treats you as if you are his only patient––taking time to clearly tell you what will be done and answering any questions you might have. His knowledgeable and professional staff are also very caring and provide personalized service. I moved away from Champaign, but returned to Dr. Castillo for my recent surgery because I would not trust anyone else to produce the results that Dr. Castillo does.

11/8/11 – H.M.: Dr. Castillo's facility and staff are excellent as well as Dr. Castillo. I was very comfortable before and after my surgical procedure and at my post–op appointment as well. Thank you so much.

11/8/11 – G.P.: Thank you all! Excellent service from start to finish. I am very pleased with my results.

10/13/11 – S.F.: Great experience! Thank you all! Everyone was wonderful and professional. Will recommend to anyone interested in plastic surgery.

10/4/11 – This was a new and frightening experience for me. The staff was so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks to everyone! 100% satisfied!

9/13/11 – S.N.: I am very satisfied with my results and thank you for your outstanding services.

8/12/11 – Everyone has been great to work with and Dr. Castillo is the best.

8/4/11 – Best service ever

7/26/11 – D.K.: Your services are outstanding and would recommend you to family and friends.

7/22/11 – A.M.: Very friendly staff, pleased with my whole experience. I would recommend Dr. Castillo to all of my friends and family.

7/6/11 – T.R.: Very impressed with my visit and the amount of time the Dr. spent with me!

7/5/11 – J.K.: Very impressed with knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism.

06/16/11 – My first visit to Dr. Castillo was to correct some very bad surgery performed by a doctor I found in the Yellow Pages. This, itself, was to have repaired damage done to my eyelid to remove a cyst, when I was 14. Dr. Castillo was horrified to see what had been done, and cautioned me that he could only promise to improve my present condition. The outcome was nearly miraculous: everything was repaired, leaving no sign of the problems that brought me to his office. Later I was to learn that Dr. Castillo consistently does magnificent work. He has a precise knowledge of anatomy, and an uncanny ability to see what results will be achieved through surgery. I wonder how many plastic surgeons have such an artist's eye along with a keen mechanical sense of how tissues will react and heal. An important aspect is that Dr. Castillo never tries to convince a patient to have surgery. His predictions of results are always realistic, and he takes pains to explain the details of a proposed procedure. Post–operative care at his clinic is elaborate and generous, and his staff is both highly knowledgeable and pleasant.

6/7/11 – D.D.: I have now used the recommended line of products for 6 days and I'm already noticing results. Thank you! I love it!

5/20/11 – A.M.: All wonderful. A serene, calm atmosphere.

5/11/11 – L.: I was nervous about the surgery but the staff at this facility made it a stress free experience. I would recommend this facility to family and friends.

4/19/11 – N.S.: Staff is amazing. You were all so wonderful and helpful. I have several friends who I will be sending your way. Dr. Castillo is absolutely fantastic!

04/03/11 – Dr. Castillo and his staff are wonderful, understanding and very professional after many years of pain and discomfort and seeing specialists one apt with Dr. Castillo and staff I finally had an understanding of what I needed to how to accomplish it. I had breast reduction surgery March 2nd and life is wonderful because of Dr. Castillo and his staff thank you doesn't even come close to my appreciation.

3/28/11 – A.S.: Dr. Castillo is honestly one of the most educated cosmetic surgeons in Champaign County & he's the best known in the area for a reason. I have had previous cosmetic surgery and I was completely dissatisfied. He truly goes out of his way to make his patients happy. He fixed everything that had been messed up by my previous surgeon, and even made a personal call to make sure I was okay the day after my operation.

3/17/11 – Dr. Castillo is a very professional knowledgeable doctor. You made me feel welcome the minute you walked in the door and the best thing is that he is actually punctual and respects your time. Very hard to find in most doctor's offices. I would recommend Dr. Castillo and staff 100%.

3/17/11 – B.C.: From the beginning I walked into the office and I knew I picked the right Doctor/facility to have my procedure. Everyone was really nice & they had cared about my needs & concerns. Dr. Castillo explained everything really well.

3/16/11 – V.B.: I have been going to Dr. Castillo for almost 10 years. I travel to Savoy to see him because the wait time at the doctor's office in Decatur is unbearably long. In addition, Dr. Castillo's office staff treats Dr. Castillo's office staff treats you with respect and professionalism at all times. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone within a 60 mile radius. It's worth the drive!

3/15/11 – J.C.: Everyone is great and so helpful. Thanks for making this easier for me.

3/1/11 – Everything was great. I would come back if decide to have something else done.

2/22/11 – L.B.: To Dr. Castillo and the staff at the Savoy, IL office. I've been in Customer Service my entire life for a very reputable company and worked hand and hand with Quality Assurance to ensure customer satisfactory. I would like to applaud the entire staff at the Savoy office for making each and every person feel welcomed and acknowledged from the very phone call to the last scheduled appointment. Dr. Castillo is an absolutely amazing person, Not only is he the TOP doctor in this area but he is very kind, considerate, and personable. His life experience and dedication to his practice shows on each person who walks through the door…from the consult to the procedure and the after care. I can truly say, he is the only plastic surgeon I will go to and I'm proud to have met him and his staff. Thank you to the entire Team at the Savoy office for making me feel welcome and giving me the best results that I could have ever hoped for.

2/15/11 – K.R.: Very friendly staff – great staff and wonderful doctor. Everything went as planned (or better) and I could not be happier. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate everything!

2/4/11 – K.S.: Thank you! Everyone is so friendly yet professional. So happy with my procedures and have already referred others.

12/22/10 – A.W.: Great job by everyone!

12/9/10 – T.E.: Very pleasant experience with all staff and procedure. Would highly recommend to anyone needing / wanting a procedure. Thank you!

11/11/10 – Staff members always made me feel welcome, always very friendly. Dr. Castillo is very easy to talk to and doesn't make you feel like you should have more work done.

11/2/10 – G.M.: Great job – I feel awesome. I will be back!

10/23/10 – B.W.: I only saw Roxanne for a facial. I was impressed with her knowledge and the facility was beautiful! If I have something done – I will come there. Thanks!

10/15/10 – D.K.: This was my first surgery. I was very comfortable with all aspects of my care. I have no regrets or complaints. I highly recommend you and your office.

9/16/10 – Can't beat the experience and expertise of the staff and Dr. Castillo. Thank you!

9/9/10 – B.L.: I was very nervous and unsure of my decision and everyone here made me feel welcome and my experience was great. I would refer Dr. Castillo to anyone thinking about having this type of surgery. Thank you very much.

9/8/10 – C.W.: Dr. Castillo & staff were very professional kind & compassionate – allows adequate time for questions & concerns. Needs have been met at every visit.

9/2/10 – E.S.: Great personable staff. Always comfortable at appointments.

9/1/10 – Thank you for always making me feel like I was #1. : )

8/31/10 – A.N.: Extremely professional & friendly. I would recommend Dr. Castillo and staff.

7/27/10 – J.G.: Everyone was prompt in answering the phone and my questions.

7/6/10 – A.F.: I was extremely impressed with the entire staff and felt comfortable with them and my surroundings before, during and after surgery.

5/31/10 – A.D.: Everyone was very nice to me and were ready to answer all my questions. I can't wait for my surgery and my new look!

4/20/10 – B.P.: I sincerely mean the excellent ratings. I appreciate Stephanie's professional expertise and kindness. Dr. Castillo was patient thorough and honest. It was a wonderfully positive experience and great outcome.

4/20/10 – C.P.: Everything I went through was as smooth & easy as possible. The Doctor and staff were very nice and caring. I'm glad I had it done and that I came here.

4/19/10 – T.G.: I've never had a male doctor – not only was I very impressed with his knowledgeable / understanding staff, but Dr. Castillo was professional – I was relieved @ how comfortable I was.

4/7/10 – M.B.: Stephanie gave me excellent practical advice on post–op care and procedures. I felt very comfortable contacting Stephanie and Roena. You have an excellent staff.

3/26/10 – A.F.: I was extremely impressed with the entire staff and felt comfortable with them and my surroundings before, during and after surgery.

3/22/10 – B.A.: Five stars. You are all awesome!

2/25/10 – I would highly recommend Dr. Castillo. My experience has been very positive! Thank you!!

2/16/10 – L.W.: I was very happy with Doctor being upfront – and honest about my needs. As they say just what the Doctor ordered. Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart.

1/13/10 – M.B.: I am very pleased with the professionalism and work that I received. This experience was made very easy and simple. I was very comfortable with Dr. Castillo and his staff.

1/7/10 – Lovely experience!

1/1/10: Being my first voyage with cosmetic surgery, I came expecting a happy conclusion. I didn't realize the journey would be so comfortable. No doubt my gratifying experience is because off of you took such good care of me. Thank you.

P.S. Roxanne, I'm tickled with my new skincare and make up. A 16 year old said I looked nice. It was the boom I'm sure. Stephanie, you're a doll! I am particularly fond of Roena. Dr. Castillo was helpful and kind over the phone after my ridiculous bike accident.

11/21/09 – A.M.: My surgery was much better than I expected. My entire experience was wonderful. The staff, facilities, and care were awesome. Thanks to all of you. If I ever want another procedure, I know where to go!

10/2009 – S.B.: Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Thank you so much for everything!

10/2009 – J.H.: Very friendly, pleasant and helpful – especially during recovery period. Highly recommend them.

10/2009 – L.G.: Everyone was extremely friendly and put me at ease. They made me feel comfortable with making my decision to have surgery.

10/2009 – S.J.: Did a great job! Get many compliments and my friends are envious. Great care and demonstrated great knowledge.

09/2009 – E.C.: Excellent!! You will see me again. Thanks.

02/2009 – B.C.: All personnel are extremely professional. Overall concern for patient care and outcome is exceptional. Dr. Castillo does an excellent job of explaining procedures, follow–up care and of being available. Thank you!

01/2009 – C.R.: We spend the winters in California and while sitting in a hairdressers chair one winter, someone who cuts hair for the Hollywood stars and famous faces (I cannot mention names, but they are the current hot stars)...he mentioned to me that it was obvious I took very good care of my body and skin!

He then proceeded to ask me, without obligation to respond, did I have a facelift?????

I stated "yes" and he responded, I've seen facelifts from supposedly THE BEST COSMETIC SURGEONS in the area and whoever did yours was a MASTER OF PERFECTION. He stated it was the most natural, scar less, beautiful result he'd ever seen!

THAT IS THE SKILL OF DR. CASTILLO right here in Champaign, Il.....NO NEED FOR THOSE L.A. SURGEONS.....we have the very, very best right here!!!!

01/2009 – C.R.: I am a 60 year old woman who has taken fairly good care of my skin over the years. I have a fair complexion, so every freckle, age spot, wrinkle, etc. shows. I never tanned, even tho' I made every attempt to when younger.

I learned about the Co2 Micro–Fractional Laser from Dr. Castillo when asking him what could be done to bring some life back the skin on my face, help with texture, and eliminate the age spots......he suggested I discuss this procedure with Roxanne.....

Well, I immediately scheduled my first ( face and neck) and I was amazed...barely any down time, no invasive procedure, no pain, etc.....just beautiful, smooth, glowing skin. Most age spots gone, wrinkles dramatically minimized, eyes opened, skin tightened, neck firmed......

Well, that wasn't enough for me. I decided if one procedure gave me these results, then what would 2 procedures deliver???? THE ULTIMATE. Next to the dramatic, difficult, mega downtime surgical procedure of the Co2 laser....I received the same results with this non–invasive Co2 Fractional Laser!

My skin is a soft as a baby's bottom, no age spots, eyes wide opened, tightened skin over entire face, and, at least 10–15 years off the appearance of the age of the skin on my face! A NATURAL, YOUTHFUL RESULT. I can't believe what I see when I look into the mirror. My cosmetics just glide on and I don't have to wear makeup if I so choose.

I highly recommend this procedure for the cost..... it's the "$$$$$$ deal of restoring one's youth"!

08/2008 – H.S.: Much gratitude to you, Dr. Castillo, and your wonderful staff. I have had an amazing experience and feel great about my results. See you soon.

08/2008 – D.B.: It was a very pleasant experience. Staff was very sincere and helpful.

08/2008 – M.H.: I was very pleased with everything and would highly recommend you!

07/2008 – V.Y.: Felt very comfortable from the beginning to the end.

04/2008 – N.W.: This clinic is by far the best. It exceeded my expectations. The staff was always nice in person and over the phone, Dr. Castillo is a great doctor. I never felt rushed. Excellent job! If I need too, I will be back.

03/2008 – Anonymous: Bottom line: I have the means to go anywhere I wish to get plastic surgery. Are there other good cosmetic surgeons out there? Yes. Are there lots and lots of so–so and even scary cosmetic surgeons out there? Yes. I choose to go to Dr. Castillo for his craftsmanship, his eye, his art, his skill, his impeccable reputation. Let me tell you about my abdominoplasty in Champaign:

  • Heard it was horrible; horrible recovery, horrible huge scar
  • Had a tummy from babies that pouched but even worse was all ugly and wrinkly, like a 100 year old woman.
  • Dr. suggested a tummy tuck, but what did HE know, right? Just give me some lipo in my tummy and I'll be good. No horrible recoveries for me.
  • Recovery was great, flat tummy, still had skin of a 100 year old woman. No 2 piece ANYTHING for me.
  • Decided the doctor was right. (You will soon discover his artful eye is ALWAYS right.) I opted for the tuck to rid myself of ugly skin.
  • I was up and walking the same night of surgery. Just felt as if I hadn't worked out in awhile and then decided to do 150 sit ups. I finally got bored and felt so good I resumed all of my laundry, kid–carting, etc, in 48 hours, so the horrible recovery stories are not true.
  • Visited Roxanne (how patient and wonderful she is) on a regular basis to zap my scar with the Yag laser (price included with the tummy tuck–wow!) and now my scar is flat, skinny, and almost gone. You'd have to see it to believe it.
  • Wear all kinds of 2 piece garments. Not self–conscious anymore. In fact, and don't hate me, my tummy is so flat and tight, it looks like it belongs on a 15 year old. Clothes fit beautifully, look good in work out/swim wear. Wish I would have done it sooner. Highly recommend it.

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